Tips & Suggestion

RCD/RCBO Safety switches

RCD's should be tested by premisses occupants regularly to ensure proper functionality and identification of possible defects.

RCD Rules - link

Safety switches - RCD's

Open Joints

Open joint like these within roof spaces have the potential to cause Electrical shocks or Electrocution. They should be checked and contained within a junction box by a qualified electrical contractor.

Advisory Information - link

Potential to cause Electrical shock

Unsafe Condition

This particular situation can cause overloading of the power point and start a potential fire. should be avoided at all costs

Potential fire risk

Smoke Alarms

Smoke Alarms - Everyone should make sure their's are in working order and should be tested frequently with the aid of the test button as shown in photo below.


Smoke Alarms Legislative Requirements - linkĀ 


Smoke Alarm Maintenance - link


Smoke Alarms
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